RoHS2.0 machine

RoHS2.0 phthalic acid analyzer phthalic acid detector
Applications: Food, electronics, automotive, electrical, comprehensive
RoHS2.0 phthalic acid analyzer phthalic acid detector
Technical parameter

Accuracy<50ppmDetection items phthalyl16P, DMP, DPHP, T..
Measurement objectsolid, liquid, oil sample, powder…Weight50kg
Display modeDirect reportSize850*785*700mm
The measurement time15-20minApplicable industryElectronic appliances, modified materials, connectors.
Repeatability of measurement6 consecutive homogeneous reference material time R. Continuous working time can work continuously for a long timeUsageRohs2.0 for four quick tests
Testing scopeEU ROHS, US TSCA, Switzerland…typetable


RoHS2.0 phthalic acid analyzer phthalic acid detector
On June 4, 2015, the Official Gazette of the European Union (OJ) issued the Amendment Directive (EU) 2005/863 of RoHS2.0, which added 4 phthalates to the list of restricted substances of RoHS2.0 on the basis of the original 6 substances of RoHS (lead, cadmium, mercury, hexvalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers). Thus, RoHS2.0 has 10 controlled substances.

According to RoHS2.0 testing standards, production enterprises need to purchase relevant equipment for rapid screening of raw materials, material self-inspection, internal quality control, customer factory inspection, etc. (Equipment required for conventional configuration: GCMS+EDXRF spectrometer), but the purchase of these equipment at the rate of millions, many enterprises are feeling great pressure, and enterprises have to do screening of raw materials, if not screening, product production will be buried a huge hidden danger, enterprises can not control whether their products meet the standards; According to the importance of enterprise internal screening and the purchase of equipment required huge investment these two major pain points, specifically for the Rohs2.0 in the four kinds of phthalene rapid screening needs to develop a set of new solutions: TP20-GC hot crack release attached phthalene rapid screening solution

This set of TP2-GC system can do 20 kinds of phthalic acid detection, meet the requirements of phthalic acid detection, this system can do not only phthalic acid, but also red phosphorus flame retardant, organic solvent residues, polymer materials, volatile organic compounds in materials, and so on, powerful!
RoHS2.0 machine

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