Rotary Viscometer SNB-T


Widely used in the need to measure the viscosity of fluid and fluid under high temperature and melting.Include paint, coatings, cosmetics, printing ink, paper pulp, food, oil, latex, starch, solvent-based adhesives, biochemical products, etc.


Rotary Viscometer SNB-T

Technical Parameters:


Control/display mode5 inches color touch screen
Measuring rangemPa.s1~2,000,0001~6,000,000
 (Measuring 10 under low viscosity, equipped with 0 # rotor)
 rotor1, 2, 3, 4#( standard)

0#转子( standard)

Measurement error (Newtonian liquid)±1%
Repetitive error (Newtonian liquid)±0. 5%
Timing functionstandard
Temperature measurement functionThe standard temperature sensor interface temperature sensor (selected)
Automatic scanning functionAutomatic scanning and recommend the best combination of rotor and speed
According to maximum measuring rangeCombination of rotor and speed automatically according to the selected viscosity range can be measured
Should show shear/shear ratestandard
Automatic display kinematic viscosityNeed to input the density of the sample
Self-built measurement programCan save up to 30 groups (including the rotor, rotational speed, temperature, time, etc.)
Save the measurement resultsCan save up to 30 sets of data (including viscosity, temperature, rotating speed of rotor, and the shear rate, Shear stress, time, density, kinematic viscosity, etc.)
Viscosity curveReal-time display viscosity curve
printData, curve can print (standard equipped with print interface, to choose and buy a printer)
Data output interfacestandard
Constant temperature partsOption (viscometer constant temperature trough, thermostatic cup, etc.)
Working power supplyWide working voltage (110 v / 60 hz or 220 v / 50 hz)
Overall dimensions300 × 300 × 450(mm)

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