Rubber plastic dynamic fatigue testing machine


This instrument is developed for rubber and plastic dynamic fatigue test.It is suitable for the quick fatigue test of sole, which can control the loading process by force or set the loading engineering by the deformation of sole. The test method is simple and flexible, which can meet the requirements of customers for various tests of sole fatigue.The system uses high-speed data acquisition card, acquisition frequency can reach 500Hz, and equipped with PID control, while meeting the high-speed test, to ensure that the force and displacement control does not exceed the standard.The test frequency can reach 3-5Hz, thus greatly providing the test efficiency.It can collect each test curve in real time, record each test peak force and peak deformation, and draw its life curve in real time.During the test process, you can set up out-of-tolerance protection, to the test exceeds the set standard or material damage, the test can automatically stop.

After the test is completed, the test curve and related test results can be output to Word and Excel reports.Report templates are editable, and as long as you know how to use Word or Excel, you can edit the elegant reports you want.In addition, through the scroll bar, you can view each test curve.


Rubber plastic dynamic fatigue testing machine


Professional clamping method, so that your test is accurate and productive.

Load sensor, durable, high precision.

Digital display of force can accurately display force value and displacement.

Rubber plastic dynamic fatigue testing machine

[Technical parameters]

Test load200KG
Unit switchingkg, N
Degree of decomposition under load1/25,000
Load accuracy±1%
Maximum stroke (including fixture)400mm or specified
Displaycan display the test value, the highest value
MotorAC speed regulating motor
Machine size 500*400*1550mm
Power supply220V,6A or specified
Weightabout 60kg


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