Single side film applicator

Product description

Reliable and accurate measurements of coatings and coatings require strict control of the actual, rather than assumed, thickness of dry or wet films.For routine quality control and research and development tests, coating with good consistency and repeatability is required for covering power, opacity, scrubbing resistance, anti-sag performance and other quality tests.Many ISO, GB and ASTM standards require a preset coating of the same thickness.The most commonly used method for sample preparation is the applicator, which can be used to apply the required coating thickness from 0 to 3600 m.

interstitial applicators are considered to be the highest quality applicators (we can control the accuracy of the film in 2 m range), it is simple design, strong structure, the most easy to clean and maintain.

Single side film applicator

Product features

All film applicator factory before the inspection of our laboratory, with a certificate

Portable plastic packaging box and soft lining can effectively protect the film applicator from damage

Made of imported high quality stainless steel, abrasion and corrosion resistance, there is only a small tolerance, can be reused

It can also be customized according to the size of customer requirements (special requirements of the clearance depth and coating width, the longest coating width up to 30mm)

Single side film applicator

Main technical parameters

material:Superior wear-resistant stainless steel

design:I – type design is convenient for one – time scraping

Effective coating width:100 mm

Length:128 mm

Ordering information

1: 25µm

2: 37.5µm


4: 75µm

5: 100µm


7: 150µm

8: 200µm


10: 300µm

11: 350µm


14: 500µm

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