SL-Ⅲ Spark Leak Detector

Functions and Uses:

Sl-iii series edm detector is used to detect the construction quality and aging corrosion points of anticorrosive coatings on oil and gas pipelines, cables, enamels, metal storage tanks, lining and ship hull.When the anticorrosion coating has the quality problem such as the micro hole, air gap, the instrument will emit the bright spark, at the same time produces the sound alarm.The instrument has novel design and simple operation, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, enamel, power plant and other industries.


 SL-Ⅲ Spark Leak Detector


  1. Low power consumption, small size and lightweight;
  2. Simple operation, intuitive andconvenient;
  3. The pointer head indicates the output voltage and the supply voltage;


SL-Ⅲ Spark Leak Detector

Main technical indicators

Measurement rangetype A: 0.03-3.5mm B: 3.5 to 10 mm
Output high voltagetype A: 0.5-15kv B: 15-36 kv
Displaypointer type
High voltage control systemregulation of ordinary potentiometer
Dc power supply12v
Power consumption< 5w
Alarm delay1-2 seconds
High voltage gunmicroelectronic high voltage generator
Packingmetal case
Host size165mm ×155mm ×68mm
Main engine weight1.5kg (including battery)

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