Overall dimension: 700X650X450mm (LxWxH)

UV lamp power: 1000W, life: about 600-800 hours

size inside the box: 300X300X100mm (LxWxH)

effective luminous length: 150mm

strong exhaust motor: 38W

UV illumination: 80W/cm

Total power: 1.05kw

power supply: 220V

Weight: 35KG

1.Instant drying, high production efficiency.

2.After drying, the printing surface can achieve high hardness, high gloss, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance.

3.Selection of high quality and high efficiency lamp, lamp room forced heat, extend lamp life, protect dry goods from heat deformation.

4.The surface of the box is sprayed with plastic, beautiful and elegant, corrosion resistant.

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