SMT Furnace Temperature Data Tracker Logger Equipment

Product Introduction

The excellent thermal insulation performance of iBoo furnace temperature tracker enables the test system to conduct temperature mapping in harsh thermal environments.Through the heat treatment furnace together with the product, the temperature of the heat treatment furnace and the product can be tracked and monitored throughout the whole process. Valuable data can be obtained without the need of tow couple test. The curve analysis report formed can provide engineers with the real temperature status of the product and the furnace instantly, which will tell you how to optimize the operation.By balancing temperature, time, and heating rate, you can increase linear speed and product quality to achieve efficient production.


SMT Furnace Temperature Data Tracker Logger Equipment

Scope of Application

Coating paint furnace temperature tracker, non-stick paint furnace temperature tracker, iron and steel heat treatment furnace temperature tracker, hub heat treatment furnace temperature tracker, SMT furnace temperature tracker, brazing furnace temperature tracker, automobile coating furnace temperature tracker, food baking furnace temperature tracker, ceramic firing furnace temperature tracker, enamel furnace temperature tracker.


SMT Furnace Temperature Data Tracker Logger Equipment


Channel4 channelSensorType K thermocoupleAccuracy0.5%
Use time300 degrees 60 minutes, 200 degrees 90 minutes, 150 degrees 120 minutes, 10 hours below 80 degrees.
StorageEach channel can record and store 16,000 data
Sample rate1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 1min,User can chooseit.
Computer requirementwindows 98, 2000, XP,The temperature curve can be printed out by computer.
Set softwarea)         Sampling period is optional

b)        Start/stop logging is easy

Analysis softwarea)       Each curve can be displayed or not

b)       can calculate the rate of warming between any two temperatures;

c)       can calculate the time above a certain 4 temperatures;

d)       can calculate the peak temperature;

e)       can compare 2-5 times tests data

Incubator size11 x 13x 28cm
standard configurationl       Four-channel temperature recorder

l       4pcs1.5m temperature probe

l       The computer is connected to the cable

l       Data processing software, data analysis software, operation of video recording

l       Operation manual

l       High temperature adhesive tape

l       Special scissors

l       Spare file USB flash drive


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