SPK-500S Automatic Vacuum Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine

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SPK-500S  Automatic Vacuum Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine


SPK-500S Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine(Plasma cleaner),the gas is separated into plasma state through the excitation power supply, and the plasma ACTS on the product surface to clean the pollutants on the product surface, so as to improve the surface activity and enhance the adhesion.Plasma cleaning is a new, environmental protection, efficient and stable surface treatment.


SPK-500S  Automatic Vacuum Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine

Product feature:

1.A dielectric is placed between the metal electrodes, and a uniform electric field is formed and a plasma is generated by taking advantage of the polarization phenomenon on the surface of the dielectric.

2.It can form plasma on a large scale and can be used with automatic pipeline;

3.More reliable power amplifier and dc module, using automatic vacuum capacitor matcher to provide long-term stable process time guarantee;

4.Suitable for mass production of large size products;

5.Low treatment temperature, conventional treatment temperature < 40℃.


SPK-500S  Automatic Vacuum Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine

Industry application:

1.Display industry: TP fitting, panel surface activation, surface cleaning before ITO coating;

2.Glass cover industry: AF coating pretreatment, AF/AS overflow plating removal, ink printing;

3.Semiconductor: integrated package bonding, Wire bond pretreatment, ceramic packaging, BGA/LED surface activation;

4.Circuit board: FPC/PCB organic cleaning and surface activation;

5.Plastic industry: surface modification, surface coarsening.


SPK-500S  Automatic Vacuum Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine

Specification of equipment:


Broad plasma host

Specification of the machine L1800×W1107×H1408mm
Weight 280Kg
Requirements planning AC 220V/50Hz single phase 2.5KW
Plasma generator specification
POWER 0-600W adjustable
Mains frequency 13.56MHz

Fully automatic vacuum capacitor matching unit


Plasma gun head specification
Treatment process 800mm
Spear head size L570*W90*H74mm
Weight 10Kg

The gun head is adjustable in height


0-10mm(regulation precision ±0.3)

Common processing height



From 1 to 5 mm or less



Cooling range of gun head


Process gas
The use of gas Ar with O2 Two way gas
Ar Gas regulation range



O2 Gas regulation range



Pipeline specification
Pipeline speed  

0-100 – mm/s is adjustable


Feed belt 1.5M
The belt material skid resistance PU
Induction and alarm
Sensing system Card and lamination induction and emergency stop
Call the police With sound and light alarm function


SPK-500S  Automatic Vacuum Wide Plasma Cleaning Machine

2.2 Factory specifications

Installation environment requirements
Demand for power supply AC 220V/50Hz single phase 2.5KW

Hvac, argon gas






The equipments of oxygen


Service clearance 100cm