Sponge compression fatigue testing machine

GB/T10807-89;ISO 2439-1980;JISK6401;ASTM D3574;AS 2282.8 Method A-IFD Test.

Sponge compression fatigue testing machine

Product Application:

Sponge /foam indentation hardness testing machine is also known as sponge, foam indentation hardness testing machine, tensile metallic and non-metallic, polymer materials, compression, bending, detection of low cycle fatigue and other projects can be according to customer product requirements according to GB, ISO, ASTM, JIS, EN and other standards for the preparation, to automatically strike the biggest test, fracture strength, yield strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, elongation , constant elongation stress, elongation and other parameters given stress.

Main feature:

1.Automatic counting, automatic indentation of 80,000 times to stop there Pause
2. High precision pressure sensors and large-scale integrated circuits, accurate determination.
3. Can always manually adjust indentation load, to keep it at 750 Newton

Sponge compression fatigue testing machine


Sensing methodForce sensor automatic dispaly
Load Cell Capacity300Kg
MotorServo motor control system
Unit switchKg,N,Lb
Accuracy0.5 grade(±0.5%)
Testing stroke200mm
Test speed100±20mm/min
Size of upper compressing plateDiameter 200mm
Bottom Border-radiusR1mm
Lower platform420mmx420mm
Air hole diameter6.0mm
Hole center gap20mm
Specimen size(380+10)mmx(380+10)mmx(50±3)mm

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