Sponge Compression Fatigue Testing Machine

Use :  

The machine is used to test the permanent deformation rate of foamed plastics.

According to the standard ISO 7214, JIS K6767, K6382: the thickness of the test piece was accurately measured. As for the compression plate of the testing machine, the specimen was compressed at a height of 50% at a frequency of 60 times per minute, and reciprocated compression reached 80,000 times. After being placed at room temperature for 30 minutes, the thickness was measured and converted into compression deformation rate.

Sponge Compression Fatigue Testing Machine

Technical parameters:

Compression strokeCompression stroke
Pressing plate spacingabout 200mm(adjustable)
Pressing plate area30*30cm
Motor 1/3 HP
Counter LCD, 0~999,999
 Test piece (50X50)mm/(100X100)mm thickness: 20mm
 Weight 102kg
 Power supply 1, AC220V,5A

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