SPV-100 Vacuum Plasma Cleaner,Plasma Surface Treatment Cleaner Machine


Vacuum Plasma Cleaner(Plasma cleaner),the gas is separated into plasma state through the excitation power supply, and the plasma ACTS on the product surface to clean the pollutants on the product surface, so as to improve the surface activity and enhance the adhesion.Plasma cleaning is a new, environmental protection, efficient and stable surface treatment.


SPV-100 Vacuum Plasma Cleaner,Plasma Surface Treatment Cleaner Machine

Product feature:

1.Product placement fixture flexible, can adapt to irregular products

2.Horizontal electrode design can meet the requirements of soft product processing.

3.Low energy and gas consumption products.

4.Convenient way to put up and down the board

5.Vacuum system integration, small footprint

6.Reasonable plasma reaction space, so that the treatment is more uniform

7.Integrated control system design makes operation more convenient


 SPV-100 Vacuum Plasma Cleaner,Plasma Surface Treatment Cleaner Machine

Industry application:

1.Mobile phone industry: TP, middle frame, back cover surface cleaning activation

2.PCB/FPC industry: hole drilling and surface cleaning, Coverlay surface coarsening and cleaning

3.Semiconductor industry: semiconductor packaging, camera module, LED packaging, BGA packaging, 4.Wire Bond pretreatment

5.Ceramics: packaging, pre-treatment of glue

6.Surface roughening etching: PI surface roughening, PPS etching, semiconductor silicon chip PN junction removal, ITO film etching

7.Plastic materials: Teflon surface activation, ABS surface activation, and other plastic material cleaning activation

8.Clean the surface before applying ITO


SPV-100 Vacuum Plasma Cleaner,Plasma Surface Treatment Cleaner Machine

Specification of equipment:

Power system  radio-frequency power supplymedium-frequency power supply











Vacuum plant


Double-stage vane pump (oil pump)






vacuum lineAll stainless steel piping and high strength vacuum bellows
textureAluminum alloy (customizable stainless steel cavity)
leakproofnessMilitary grade welding seal
Cavity internal dimensions4450×450×500mm

(width × height × depth)


Effective size of electrode plate

420×411mm(width × depth)
Available space spacing22.5mm

Electrode layout




Horizontal arrangement, activity extraction



Work trayStandard one set, material optional (aluminum, steel wire mesh)
work space8 layer
Gas systemflow range0~300SCCM
Process gas pathStandard with two, can be customized
Control systemsystems controlPLC
delivery method7 inch touch screen
Other parametersboundary dimension900×1750×1000mm(w×h×d)
Equipment appearance colorsilver gray


SPV-100 Vacuum Plasma Cleaner,Plasma Surface Treatment Cleaner Machine

Factory specifications:

Factory specifications

Ac power specification


Power supply:AC380V,50/60Hz,5wire,50A

Factory exhaust


Flow:2.0 m³/min

Gas requirements for plant work



Flow:1~10 L/min

Pressure:3~7 kg/cm²

Pipe diameter:6×4 mm

Texture:PU pipe

Purity:More than 99.99%


Factory compressed air requirements



Flow:1~10 L/min

Pressure:3~7 kg/cm²

Pipe diameter:8×5 mm


Dew point:-40℃ under


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