Standard Screen Mesh/Filter Mesh

Standard sieve (also called test screen, the standard test sieve, sieve particle size analysis, particle size calibration screen, check the screen size, sub-sample screening). Mounted on slap-type test sieve shaker (Tyler analysis of vibrating sieves and the United States (rotational separation sieve) Ro-Tap RX-29, RX-30 on the same principle) or standard screen machines used for a variety of powder materials, grain degree of composition grading. Widely used in abrasive, ground Kan, metallurgy, pharmacopoeia, chemical and building materials industry, materials, accurate particle size screening and detecation.

Moreover, Biuged also supply a series filter mesh from 2 mesh to 635 mesh which are widely used in Filter for consumer electrical goods, oil filters,humidifier filters, metallic mesh filter, ect. There are two types material : stainless steel and Nylon


Main Technical Parameters
■  Fine sieve frame and durable, with no leak tight,

■ Screen mesh standard sieve mesh precise number and mesh size of tags,

■ Test sieves of metal perforated plate, the main test for large mesh sieve (greater than 3 mm)

■ According to international standards ISO3310-2: 1990 R20 / 3, R20, R40 / 3 series.

■ Stainless steel screen material.

■ Ordering information

LR1376—Standard Screen Mesh

LR 1377—Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

LR 1378—Nylon Filter Mesh

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