STM-IV Krebs KU Vicometer


Suitable for measuring the viscosity of paint and paint.

Press the handle to automatically start the measurement, which can test Krebs units and gram units.

Test results can be locked;Built-in overload protection program, over – range automatic shutdown.

Equipped with a printing interface, the measurement results can be output to the computer.


STM-IV Krebs KU Vicometer

Test Standard

GB/T 9269

ASTM D 562


STM-IV Krebs KU Vicometer


Input voltage220V AC 50Hz
Measure range40.2-141.0 KU/32-1099 g
Display accuracy0.1 KU, 1 g
Accuracy±1.5% FSR
Repeatability±1.5% FSR
Outside size180×210×470 mm
Pack weight10 kg

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