Surface contact angle meter

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Surface contact angle meter 


Contact Angle refers to the tangent line of the gas-liquid interface at the intersection point of gas, liquid and solid. This tangent line has an Angle between the liquid and the solid-liquid boundary. The measurement of Contact Angle is the main method of surface performance detection nowadays.

Standard contact Angle measurement instrument is to use the principle of optical imaging, image contour analysis way to measure the surface contact Angle, wettability, interfacial tension of table, surface energy, such as performance, equipment cost-effective, comprehensive functions, and can meet the demand of conventional measurement, has been widely used in many colleges and universities institutes and enterprises.

Surface contact angle meter 


Contact Angle measuring instrument is widely used in various industries, in the mobile phone manufacturing, glass manufacturing, surface treatment, material research, chemical and chemical industry, semiconductor manufacturing, paint and ink, electronic circuits, textile fiber, medical biological and other fields, contact Angle measurement has become an important instrument to evaluate the surface performance.

Surface contact angle meter 


Host machine
Outsize 550mm(L)*196mm(W)*485mm(H)
Weight 11KG
Power 220V / 60HZ
Light source system
Light source Dense LED can adjust blue tone industrial grade cold light source
Lifelong The service life is more than 25,000 hours
Injection unit
Injector Dedicated precision syringe capacity 1000μL
Drip Manual rotary injection, drip precision can be achieved 0.2μL
Injection unit movement Up down 100mm;  Left right 100mm
Acquisition system
CCD SONY imported high speed industrial chip with 25 frames /S and 130W pixels
 Lens 0.7-4.5 times hd industrial-grade continuous variable magnification microscope
Acquisition system adjustment Before and after 60 mm, view Angle adjustable (smooth inspect, look down, 360 ° rotating Angle of view, etc)
Sample station installation
Work Table size 120mm*150mm
Maximum sample size 10inch
Maximum sample size Front back move  manual,stroke 60mm,accuracy 0.1mm

Left right move, manual,stroke 35mm,accuracy 0.1mm

Up  down move,   manual,stroke 80mm,accuracy0.1mm

Contact Angle measurement range 0-180°
Accuracy of contact Angle measurement ±0.1°
Analyze software functions 1、China’s most advanced contact Angle measurement and analysis software automatic fitting method(One key automatic fitting,There is no manual error

)Include:Circle method、Ellipse/Oblique ellipse、LY、(Differential circle / Differential ellipse);

2、Dynamic contact Angle fitting (batch fitting of multiple images),include 包Wettability,(Video analysis);

3、 Surface energy;

4、 Adhesion work;

Accord with national standard

1.GB/T 24368-2009(detection of hydrophobic pollutants on glass surface);

2.SY/ t5153-2007 (reservoir rock wettability measurement method);

ASTM D 724-99 (2003) (test method for wettability of paper surfaces);

4.ASTM d5946-2004 (measurement of the contact Angle between plastic film and water);

5.ISO15989 (measurement of water contact Angle of plastic film and thin plate corona treated film);