SZR-6 Bitumen Needle Penetration Test Apparatus

Detailed description:

Szr-6 type temperature control asphalt needle penetration tester

Computer intelligent needle penetration tester is designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements and relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China standard GB/T4509 “Petroleum asphalt penetration measurement Method”, the People’s Republic of China transportation industry standard JTGE20-2011 “Highway engineering asphalt and asphalt mixture test procedures” – T0604 “asphalt penetration test”. Szr-6 type temperature control asphalt needle degree tester is mainly suitable for determining the road oil asphalt, polymer modified asphalt needle degree and liquid oil asphalt distillation or emulsion asphalt evaporation residue of needle degree. The standard test conditions for temperature 25 ℃ + / – 0.1 ℃, the test method is to make the load of 100 grams + / – 0.05 grams of standard needles, connecting rod and farmar assembly, vertical movement, under no apparent friction assembly within five seconds vertical penetration called asphalt penetration of asphalt sample, and 0.1 mm penetration (1) meter, for detecting degree of viscous asphalt. The greater the penetration of asphalt, the smaller the viscosity of asphalt, the softer the asphalt.


SZR-6 Bitumen Needle Penetration Test Apparatus,Automatic asphalt penetrometer

Technical indicators:

1. Needle insertion device: displacement measuring device.

2, needle control device: 0-99 seconds adjustable, time error is less than ±0.1 seconds.

3, needle insertion accuracy: 0.01mm.

4. Large needle insertion: 40mm.

5, heating power: 600W.

6, temperature range: 0-125℃.

7, temperature control range: room temperature -50℃, temperature control accuracy: 0.1℃.

8, standard needle: the total weight of needle and needle rod 2.5±0.05g, in line with GB/T4509, T0604 specification requirements.

9, flat bottom glass: hard glass cylinder, volume more than 1.5L, more than 80mm. It is equipped with a sample holder to make it stable.

10, sample dish: copper, cylindrical flat bottom. The inner diameter of the sample dish is 55mm, and the depth is 35mm (suitable for the sample with needle penetration less than 200).

11, lifting bracket: can be adjusted freely, easy to align the tip of the sample plane.

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