T-450 Benchtop Grain heavy metal detector Cadmium analyzer

Innovative technology
The T-450 uses high precision X-ray fluorescence (HDXRF) technology to greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the device by using advanced monochromatic and focused optical devices hyperboloid curved optical crystal (DCC), which greatly improves the detection accuracy compared to conventional energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology.
The figure shows the basic structure of HDXRF technology equipment. Hyperboloid curved crystal optical object (DCC) converts the polychromatic light from the ray source into high-energy monochromatic light and effectively focuses on the measured sample. After the sample is excited by the focused high-energy monochromatic light, the heavy metal elements in the sample emit their characteristic X-ray fluorescence signals. The high resolution SDD semiconductor detector collected and processed the signal, and finally the element content in the sample was calculated by the software FP algorithm

T-450 Benchtop Grain heavy metal detector Cadmium analyzer
Technical parameter

The T-450 uses a monochromatic beam optimized for element Cd) excitation to achieve an extremely low element detection limit with superior signal-to-noise ratio (S/B) as shown in the table

                                                                 Table 4. Detection limit of T-450 (unit: mg/kg)
elementPick (Cd)Lead (Pb)Arsenic(As)
Detection limit0.0150.0250.025

Measurement methodHigh precision X-ray fluorescence spectrometry –HDXRF
X-ray tube50kV.1mA
detectorHigh resolution SDD detector
Optical systemHyperboloid curved crystal –DCC
Measuring time30s to 1200s This parameter is optional
Measuring rangeAnalysis elements: Cd,Ni,Cu,Zn,As,Pb, etc
Operating temperature-5°C-50°C
Power cell110-240 VAC±10%, 50-60 Hz(Hz)
Measurement modulerice
weight9 kg
dimension320 mm W x 235 mm L x 205 mm H

T-450 Benchtop Grain heavy metal detector Cadmium analyzer
Compliance testing of POTS

T-450 butyl HDXRF technology, fast and accurate quantitative analysis of food, root food mountain copper and other heavy metals case, only point over the detection performance can meet the national food safety standard requirements of the detection limit easily cope with rice mountain element sand limit of 0.2mg/kg: in addition. T450 can also conduct preliminary screening and qualitative analysis of rice.

Fast scan
T-450 has the advantages of small weight and small size, convenient portability, simple and complex sample color making steps, easy to realize the rapid and accurate scanning analysis of T in the field. The results are shown in the table2.
1, two minutes fast scan
2, fast this distinction exceeds the standard, combined, gray China zonal products

Instrument characteristics
1, small need chemical digestion, fast test speed
2, Yuan system elm low limit, in line with GB2762-2017
3. Analysis mode: foot scanning analysis mode and foot volume analysis mode

Accuracy and repeatability
A certain number of human meter standard samples were selected to directly analyze the Cd Yuantai in the instrument. The accuracy of the instrument was investigated by analyzing the relative error between the measured value and the standard value. Table 3 shows that the HDXRF can be accurately determined in a high temperature cooker containing stars. The analytical error of 0.2 and 01mg/kg sex products is usually +10% less

T-450 Benchtop Grain heavy metal detector

T-450 Benchtop Grain heavy metal detector T-450 Benchtop Grain heavy metal detector

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