Tape Initial Tack Tester/Adhesive tape tester

Scope of application

The PT-502Tape Initial Tack Tester is suitable for the initial viscosity test of adhesive tapes, protective films, labels, plasters and other products to detect the adhesion performance of the object in short contact with the product to be tested.



Tape Initial Tack Tester/Adhesive tape tester

Technical parameters

Mesa width 110mm                 
Try zone width 70mm
Installation dimensions (L*W*H) 320*140*180mm
Heavy volumeAbout 6 kg
The standard configurationMain engine + steel ball 1 box + tweezers
Roll the ballBearing steel
Tilt Angle25° ~ 45°(adjustable)
The ball size1/32 inch to 1 inch
Inclined plate4mm float glass
runway100mm roll ball size




Tape Initial Tack Tester/Adhesive tape tester

Meet the standards:

GB 4852 Test Method for initial viscosity of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes

Test Method for JIS Z0237 Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets



Tape Initial Tack Tester/Adhesive tape tester


Safety design: The tilt plate is made of 4mm impact-resistant toughened glass;65° polishing process is adopted for the edge Angle to prevent hand cutting.

Material selection youdao: the instrument’s aluminum material accounts for up to 80%, so the choice of aluminum material is particularly important. The imported aluminum alloy is used as the raw material, which has advantages such as high tensile strength, no deformation after processing, and compact surface without defects.

Smooth rotation: Two imported bearings are used as sliding support on both sides of the rotating shaft, making the adjustment of the inclined plate more smooth and more accurate.

Angle adjustable: Angle indicator plate adopts acrylic screen printing process, the Angle is clear and easy to see;The indicator needle adopts 304 stainless steel wire cutting process, the tip of the round corner processing, anti-injury, clear instructions.

Balance control: The bottom of the instrument is set around the horizontal adjustment foot, while observing the horizontal bubble on the bottom plate, while adjusting the foot, the horizontal adjustment of the instrument can be realized.

Longer service life: all aluminum parts of the instrument are processed by multi-layer oxidation treatment process, which can greatly improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance, thus achieving a longer service life.




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