TDS-3410 Activator Testing Instrument

Application and scope of application

The multi-functional thermal desorption device TDS-3410 integrates the activation of the desorption straw with the simulated sampling of standard samples (benzene series TVOC, etc.), which can work independently. It is simple and practical with higher working efficiency.
TDS-3410 Activator Testing Instrument

Working principle

TDS-3410 activator and standard sample simulation sampling integrated device, mainly consists of four parts: dissolving straw activation processing component, standard sample simulation sampling device component, constant temperature furnace and time timer, can be assembled according to the purpose of use. The integrated device of TDS-3410 decoupling straw activation and standard sample simulation sampling has the following characteristics:

1. The integrated design of the activation device and the standard sample simulation sampling device, with multiple uses of one machine, greatly improves the cost performance and operation cost of the device;

2. Standard sample simulation sampling is suitable for both gas standard sample (normal temperature) and liquid standard sample (heating constant temperature);

3. It can activate 1 ~ 12 extracting straws at the same time;

4. The device is equipped with a deep gas purifier, which can minimize the unclean interference of the purge gas in the simulated sampling of the standard sample;

5. The activation of the straw and the simulation sampling time of the standard sample can be timed and run automatically.

TDS-3410 Activator Testing Instrument

Main technical performance indicators

1, constant temperature furnace: temperature control range: room temperature ~ 400℃, with an increment of 1℃ set; Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5%


2, timer: 0min ~ 665min continuous adjustable;


3, activation (regeneration) or simulation sampling purge nitrogen flow: 0mL/min ~ 200mL/min continuously adjustable;


4, pyrolysis straw size: diameter of 6 (or 1/4 inch), length is not limited;


5, power consumption: < 500W


6, overall size: 170×380×400mm3


7. Weight: about 8kg

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