Tensile Testing Machine For Packing Belt


This machine is widely used in the mechanical properties test of non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, textile, waterproof material, non-woven cloth, metal wire, metal foil, metal plate and metal bar, and also suitable for tensile, compression, stripping, shearing, tearing test of various finished products with special fixture.

* AC variable frequency motor is used to drive precision T-type screw drive, stable operation and low noise;

* Digital display of force value, maximum force value, displacement, extension displacement, test speed stepless adjustable;

* Adopt high-precision encoder to measure displacement, with force resolution up to 1/25000, high test precision, wide measuring range, easy operation and low price;

* It has the functions of automatic stop, over current, over voltage and over load protection during test break;

* Equipped with a micro printer to print test data in real time.


Tensile Testing Machine For Packing Belt


Capacity Choose100,200,500,1000,2000kg
Force measurementWithin ± 1% of the indicated value
Display modeTouched screen control
 Unit switchKg、lb、N
Data sampling frequency200times/sec
Testing machine resolutionThe maximum load is 1/± 25,000 yards, the inside and outside are not classified, and the whole resolution is unchanged
Load transducerBasic configuration: Tension and pressure sensors (maximum load)
Effective test width380mm
Effective tensile space1000mm
Test speed range50-300mm/minStepless speed regulation and 5-gear constant speed (special test speed can be customized according to customer requirements)
Displacement measurement accuracyWithin ± 1% of the indicated value
Breakpoint ratio setting0~99%,Users can set the appropriate break down time according to different materials
Test bench safety deviceUp and down travel limiter
Overload protectionWhen the maximum load exceeds 10%, the machine will be protected automatically
Grips provideTensile fixture 1set
Machine size1100×700×2000mm
Machine weightAbout 200 Kg

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