Thermal Shock Chamber/Hot Cold Temperature Shock Chamber 

Scope of application

This series of cold and heat shock test box is suitable for alternating shock test of electrical and electronic products and electronic parts.

Applicable standards

Products can meet CNS, MIL, IEC, JIS, GB/T2423.5-1995, GJB150.5-87 and other standards

Control mode of cold and hot impact test chamber:

The low temperature and high temperature storage tank is used to open the valve according to the action, and the low temperature and high temperature are quickly sent to the test tank through the air supply system, so as to achieve the rapid temperature impact effect, balance the temperature control system (BTC) + specially designed air supply circulation system, P.I.D.SSR is controlled in such a way that the heat added to the system is equal to the heat loss, so that it can be used stably for a long time.

Thermal Shock Chamber/Hot Cold Temperature Shock Chamber 


Temperature shock range

High temperature 60℃~+150

Low temperature -55℃~-10

Preheating temperature range

60℃ ~ +180

High temperature tank heating time

RT  180℃≤35min(RT   10~+30℃).

Pre-cooling temperature range


Cooling time of cryogenic tank

RT -65℃≤50min

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Impact recovery time

55– 150℃≤5min.


Thermal Shock Chamber/Hot Cold Temperature Shock Chamber 

Inner sizeW500×H400×D400 mm
Inner box materialFogged stainless steel plate(SUS#304
Outside materialSand-lined stainless steel plate(SUS#304
Heat preservation materiala.High temperature tank: aluminum silicate insulation cotton.

b.Low temperature tank: HIGH density PU foam

Chamber door

Upper and lower monolithic doors, open on the left.

A. Embedded flat handle.

B. after button: SUS# 304.

C. Silicone foam rubber strip.

Testing rack

A. The load bearing shall not be more than 5KG.

B. Stainless steel SUS#304 inner case.

Heating system

Finned radiator type stainless steel electric heater.

1. High-temperature tank 6 KW.

2. Low temperature tank 3.5KW.

Air circulation system

1. 1HP×2 motors.

2. Stainless steel extension shaft.


4. Specially designed fan forced air circulation system.


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