Toggle switch life testing machine


Toggle switch life testing machine is the company’s exclusive development, production of a new type of testing machine, the machine is suitable for testing all kinds of electronic products toggle switch toggle back and forth life test.

The machine adopts advanced PLC touch screen to control the whole process of toggle life test.With adjustable speed, adjustable stroke, the number of arbitrary setting;Keep data after arrival times or power outage.

Toggle switch life testing machine


This machine is a toggle switch life testing machine, the use of motor drive eccentric structure so that the table moves around, so that the toggle switch or switch and the probe produce relative movement.

Toggle switch life testing machine

[Technical parameters]

Test stations8 groups
Speed range5-60 times/min adjustable
Test stroke0-60mm adjustable
Counting function0-99999999 8-bit counting, can set the stop function
Transmission modeelectric
Control modetouch screen control
Type of exerciseHorizontal

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