Ultraviolet Light Accelerated Weathering Tester For Paint LR-G058


Ultraviolet Light Accelerated Weathering Tester For Paint LR-G058


This device is applicable to predict the relative durability of non-metallic materials such as paint, coating and plastic through light-water exposure accelerated aging test.Especially suitable for observing the physical properties of particularly durable materials, such as gloss reduction, fading, fog shadow, strength reduction, pulverization, cracking, foaming and embrittlement.

As with other laboratory accelerated tests, the test results of this device cannot be used instead of natural exposure to determine the actual durability of materials, but the comparative test conditions provided by this device are quite practical for rapidly evaluating the anti-aging properties of materials, screening or improving new and old formulations, and monitoring product quality.

As ultraviolet light is the main factor that causes the deterioration of the durability of outdoor products, coupled with the relatively stable spectral energy distribution of fluorescent lamps and low price, ultraviolet light aging test box has become the most widely used weathering test machine in the world by virtue of its advantages of speed, convenience and economy.This device, as a simple model, is especially suitable for experiments with limited economic conditions.

The design of rotating plate frame adopted by this device can well compensate for the uneven light radiation caused by many factors such as lamp tube aging and different batches, thus saving the heavy workload of the general instrument which needs to change the plate position regularly in order.

Since moisture is an important factor in accelerating aging, this device USES water spray to simulate the influence of moisture.By setting the spraying time, we can get closer to some final environmental conditions, such as mechanical erosion favored by temperature change or rain erosion.

The device can also adjust the rate of photochemical reaction through temperature control mechanism in an appropriate range.

In order to meet the requirement of durability of weather tester, the structure of this device is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

With relatively low cost, you can understand the material damage that can be formed in a long period of time under natural conditions in a short time, and determine the quality gap between the test product and the high-quality sample.

Ultraviolet Light Accelerated Weathering Tester For Paint LR-G058

Main technical parameters:

  1. Total power: 2.25kw
  2. Power supply: 220V±22V/50Hz
  3. Timing range of test time: 1mins ~ 9999h
  4. Spray timing range: 1min ~ 99min
  5. Setting range of test temperature: +40℃ ~ 60℃
  6. Nominal peak wavelength of uv light (quantum energy of light) : 313nm (UVA) or 340nm (UVB)
  7. Uv fluorescent lamp power :0.02kw×3
  8. Rated life of lamp tube: 1600h
  9. Axis distribution diameter of lamp tube against rotating frame: 80mm
  10. The nearest distance from the lamp tube wall to the sample: 60mm

11, bogie rotating sample diameter: Φ249 mm

  1. Motor power of sample rack running: 0.025kw
  2. Speed of rotating frame motor: 1250r.p.m.
  3. Speed of sample rack: 3.7 R.P.M
  4. Spraying quantity: 2L/min
  5. Sample specification: 75mm×150mm× (0.6) mm
  6. External dimensions of the test box (d-w-h) : 395mm×895mm×550mm
  7. Weight: 63kg

Ultraviolet Light Accelerated Weathering Tester For Paint LR-G058

Test Standard

ISO 11507, artificial exposure of paints and varnishes to fluorescent uv rays and water

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