TY7003 Micro injection molding machine for tensile test sample

Equipment description:

The machine has been miniaturized and improved for production, with small volume and strong mobility, suitable for classroom teaching and small sample size

In the production.The product includes mold opening and closing parts, sol injection parts, body, heating system, control system and feeding device.with

Simple structure, easy operation, no noise and no pollution;Use 220V voltage, can be used in any place with electricity, not subject to industrial electricity Restrictions.


TY7003 Micro injection molding machine for tensile test sample

Performance Features:

1. Small mold is adopted, which is convenient to make, reasonable in cost and easy to replace

2. AC220V+ pneumatic control + planetary servo system, no oil, no power, small volume

3. PLC human-machine interface (color touch screen), one-button operating system, simple operation and easy maintenance

4. Adopt mechanical and electronic double protection device to ensure safety.

5. Single screw feeding is adopted, which is more fully plasticized than the plunger type structure

TY7003 Micro injection molding machine for tensile test sample

Technical parameters

main technical parametersspecification
Loading torque105N.M(Servo motor + planetary reducer)
atmospheric pressure≥0.8Mpa
Injection range0-80mm
Injection resolution0.1mm
 hopper capacity0.2L
Feeding speed0.1-60rpm(Highest

100rpm,After 60rpm, the torque decreases to 50%)

opening stroke70mm(Does not contain the mould)
injection force1.8T(Can be increased by a force multiplier system 3.6T)
Maximum emission57MPa(Backup system upgraded to 113Mpa)
Maximum injection rate25cm 3(Less fluidity of the need to customize the force multiplier system)
clamping force2T(Hyperbolic arm clamping device)
maximum temperatureOne/two/three District  360°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C(temperature constant state)
Power/full load powerindividual event AC 220V±10%;50HZ;2200W;10A
screw diameter20mm
Setting ring outside diameter50mm
Columbine spacing280*186mm(center distance)
Mould size360*90*72mm(length * width * thickness) without die
Mould thickness0-25mm
boundary dimension1700×500×950mm
package size1800*700*1100mm
Application Materials


Engineering plastic PP, PE, PA, ABS, TPU, PLA, etc
Gross net weight of machine


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