U-T9 Double Beam Ultraviolet Visible UV Spectrophotometer

Product functions and features


Yi Spectrum Instrument has launched a new generation of T9 high-end dual beam ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer, which uses advanced touch screen technology. Combined with more than 20 years of manufacturing and user service experience in the spectrophotometer industry, we have reached the international advanced level in the industry, whether in optical system design, mechanical structure design, electronic circuit design, software interface and function design, or in product manufacturing technology level, production process quality control, after-sales service efficiency, etc.


Excellent fully sealed optical system design and integrated 12mm aero-grade aluminum alloy optical mounting platform, achieving excellent optical performance and permanent optical imaging; Using high quality optical devices and imported deuterium and tungsten lamps, the instrument is stable and reliable for a long time. Leading ARM chip control and data processing; With 10.1 “color touch screen display and humanized navigation menu design, convenient map display and data view; 32G large memory, can store massive test data; U disk data export, Wifi printing, email sending and other data output methods.


Easy to use photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, qualitative measurement, time measurement, DNA protein measurement, multi-wavelength measurement and other special program functions. There are also auxiliary functions such as automatic switching between Chinese and English on the instrument interface, lamp source life monitoring, clock management and automatic wavelength calibration.


A full range of advanced computer analysis software packages are standard for 3D graphics analysis and more data processing.


Strict manufacturing process and 32 key quality control points, so that each instrument is very durable. Long product warranty and free installation training, as well as inexpensive consumable accessories supply, let you buy at ease, use peace of mind, after sale worry.


Products are widely used in medicine, food safety, biochemistry

U-T9 Double Beam Ultraviolet Visible UV Spectrophotometer

Main technical parameters


1. Wavelength range: 190-1100nm


2. Spectral bandwidth: U-T9(1nm); U-T9S(0.5/1/2/4/5nm continuously adjustable)


3 Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3nm


4. Transmission ratio accuracy: ±0.3%T


5 Stray light: ≤0.03%T

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