Universal Tensile Strength Tester 0-20KN

Test Standard

GB16491-2008,HGT 3844-2008 QBT 11130-1991,GB 13022-1991,HGT 3849-2008,GB 6349-1986 GB/T 1040.2-2006 2411,ISO 4587,ISO/TS 11405,ISO 527,ASTM E4,BS 1610,DIN 51221,ISO 7500,EN 10002,ASTM D628,ASTM D638,ASTM D412

Universal Tensile Strength Tester 0-20KN


Suitable for aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metal materials and products, plastic,wire and cable, rubber, paper and plastic color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, bags handbags, textile fibers, textile bags, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.To test the physical properties of the various materials and finished products, semi-finished products.choose a variety of fixture to do tensile, compressive, hold, hold pressure, bending, tear, peel, adhesion and shear test.It is an ideal testing and research equipment for factories, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities.

This machine is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties of metals such as tensile, compression, bending, etc.According to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards can be automatically calculated tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, elastic modulus and other parameters.

Universal Tensile Strength Tester 0-20KN

Technical Parameters:

AccuracyHigh precision0.5 level , ±0.5%,
Load sensingHigh precision tension and pressure transducer,(multiple sensors can be installed at the same time – optional)
High resolution1/100000
Magnification24digit AD  No period of zoom
Unit chooseN, KN, Kgf, Lbf
Test speed rangeServo : 0.5~500 mm/min  can set
Speed control accuracy±0.2% (0.5level )
Test effective width400 mm
Test stroke (including fixture)800 mm
Overload setting protection functionWhen the set test force exceeds 10%, the system will automatically stop for protection
Protection function of stroke settingProtection for upper and lower limit position of stroke
MotorServo motorAC Servo motor & servo drive controller
Power consumption0.5 kVA
Power1ø, 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
ComputerHardwareThe supplied hardware specifications can be purchased from the original ACER brand or supplied by the customer
Special softwareRefer to the software version of the computer measurement system
VolumeHost machine65x55x220cm
WeightHost machine200 kg
Work table100 kg
Standard accessoriesTension fixture1pair, a group of tools, a manual, a warranty
OptionalExtensometerElongation extensometer(gauge:25,50,75,100mm)
FixtureCan customer tensile/compression fixtures



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