UV-1800 Double Beam UV-visible Spectrophotometer Tester

Instrument characteristics


* UV-1800 series adopts double beam optical system, successfully realizes the perfect combination of high precision and high reliability measurement, can meet the requirements of various applications, can be used in biological research, biological industry, drug analysis, pharmaceutical, teaching research, environmental protection, food hygiene, clinical testing, health and epidemic prevention and other fields


* Wide wavelength range, can meet the requirements of various fields of wavelength range


* UV-1800S with 4nm, 2nm, 1nm, 0.5nm spectral bandwidth can meet the strict requirements of pharmacopoeia and different users


* Automatic design concept, the realization of the most simple measurement means


* Large-scale integrated circuit design greatly improves system scalability and reliability


* Improved and optimized optical path design, imported light sources and receivers result in high performance and reliability


* Abundant measurement methods, with wavelength scanning, time scanning, multi-wavelength measurement, multi-derivative measurement (optional), dual wavelength, three-wavelength (optional) DNA protein measurement (optional) and other measurement methods, can meet the requirements of different measurement


* According to user’s requirements, optional single-hole frame, manual four-link frame, manual eight-link frame, automatic eight-link frame, glass support, test tube frame, 1cm color frame, 5cm color frame, 10cm color frame, etc


* Measurement data can be output by printer, with USB interface


* Can save the measurement parameters and data, convenient for users to use


* More accurate and flexible measurement requirements such as spectral scanning can be achieved through PC software control

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