V-T3 Visible Spectrophotometer For Water Analysis

Product characteristics


● High stability: Optimize the optical system and integrated aluminum alloy base structure design, to ensure long-term stability and reliability of the instrument;


● High degree of intelligence: dual CPU embedded system hardware design is super reliable, 128*64 bit LCD display, rich instructions, no need to read instructions, easy to use;


Self-defined wavelength correction and wavelength automatic calibration function, without manual adjustment link; The use time of the light source is automatically accumulated, which is convenient to understand and view. The menu of light source switch is available in


When the instrument is not in use, it can be closed to effectively prolong the service life of the instrument.


● Menu features: photometer measurement mode, quantitative analysis, multi-wavelength testing;


● Easy data processing: can store up to 1000 groups of experimental data, can also choose the built-in and external micro printer output, or choose the spectrum analysis software package and computer connection,


To realize more data processing and analysis functions;


● Many optional accessories: 8-slot automatic sample rack, single slot micro sample rack (the minimum can measure 50ul samples), 5-10cm sample rack (suitable for water quality test requirements),


Single-slot or three-slot water bath constant temperature comparison dish frame (suitable for constant temperature sample test requirements), to expand more applications;


※ Optional PC models will realize more reference functions and data processing.

V-T3 Visible Spectrophotometer For Water Analysis

Product function

● Photometric measurement: easy to measure the absorbance, transmittance and concentration of the sample in the specified wavelength.

● Quantitative measurement: automatic establishment of standard curve, first-order/first-order zero crossing, second-order, third-order curve fitting, a variety of quantitative analysis methods optional standard curve can be stored and called.

● Multi-wavelength measurement: support up to 10 wavelength points of data measurement.

● Auxiliary functions: wavelength automatic calibration, clock management, lamp source management, wavelength correction management, language management

Main technical parameters

1. Wavelength range: 320-1100nm

2. Spectral bandwidth: 2nm/4nm (optional)

3. Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm

4 transmission ratio accuracy: ±0.5%T

5 Stray light: less than 0.1%T

V-T3 Visible Spectrophotometer For Water Analysis

Standard configuration


♦ One main machine


♦ Manual Sample Holder 4-1 cm 1 set


♦ 1cm standard glass colorimetric dish 1 box (4 PCS)


♦ One manual


♦ Dust Cover 1 piece

V-T3 Visible Spectrophotometer For Water Analysis

Optional accessories


♦AS-11 single slot micro sample rack (optional when using a cubed less than 500ul);


♦AS-41 1~ 5cm optical path sample rack in 4 slots (optional when using 2~ 5cm optical path cuprate);


♦AS-42 10 cm optical path sample stand in Slot 4 (optional when using 10 cm optical path cubed);


♦AS-46 built-in micro printer (data printout required);


♦AS-47 external micro printer (data printout required);


♦AS-81 Automatic sample rack 1 cm in Slot 8 (optional to improve the automation of instrument use).


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