Wire bending testing machine


Wire bending testing machine is suitable for bending test or swing test of finished wire such as plug outlet wire, power cord, USB cable, earphone cable, audio cable, earphone cable and so on.

This machine is the test material is fixed on the fixture, and add a certain load, the test swing left and right, after a certain number of times, detect the line breaking rate, check the total swing times, can automatically count, bending test material to the line breaking can not be energized, and can automatically stop the operation.This machine conforms to UL817 and other related standards “general safety requirements for flexible cord and power cord” and “general technical standard GB/T14471-93” cable bending test.

Wire bending testing machine

[Technical parameters]

Test station6 groups (simultaneous test)
Bending angle0-±90° (dial and indicator needle indication, manual adjustable)
Bending angle display and adjustmentindicating needle indicates the scale dial, manual adjustment of the eccentric shaft
 Test speed 10-60 times/min (knob speed regulation, LCD display)
The total number of swing counter0-999999 times (preset, reach the number of automatic stop)
Swing conduction counter0-999999 times (conduction respectively automatic counting, one of the group off, automatic stop counting)
With hook weight50, 100, 200, 300, 500g six each
Handle test fixturesix groups of anti-slip, not easy to damage the test material special fixture
Test fixed rodcan be adjusted up and down, fixed lower end of the product, the test is more in line with the standard
Machine size (l×w×h)860×620×800mm
Working power supplyAC220V, 50HZ


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