Roughness gauges can be paired with several sensors

Roughness gauges can be paired with several sensors

When we measure different workpieces, we will match different sensors for measurement.So how many sensors can roughness gauge be matched with?How many sensors are there?The following Xiaobian to answer


Sensors are divided into:

1. Standard sensors 

Standard sensors use the most sensors, it can measure most of the plane, inclined plane, conical surface, inner hole, groove and other surface roughness, can be carried out hand-held measurement, in addition to the standard sensor, other sensors need to use the measuring platform to measure.

2. Surface sensor

Surface sensor is mainly used to measure the roughness of smooth cylindrical surface with radius greater than 3mm. For other surfaces such as smooth spherical surface with larger radius, better approximation can also be obtained. The larger the radius of curvature, the smoother the surface, and the better the measurement effect.

3. Hole sensor

Using a keyhole sensor, internal surface roughness can be measured with a hole diameter greater than 2mm.


4. Deep slot sensors

The use of deep groove sensor, can measure the groove width of 3㎜, the depth of the groove is less than 10㎜;Or the height is less than 10 mm the surface roughness of the step, can also be measured flat cylinder, with the use of the platform.

All the above four sensors can be used with a roughness meter, and different sensors measure different workpieces.

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