Several common paint dispersing machines

Paint dispersing machine is a common equipment in the paint industry, used for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing paint, not only in the paint, in the food and chemical industry is also widely used. It is through the high-speed rotation of the dispersion disk on the coating shear, impact, to achieve the dispersion of coating mixing effect.

South tide provides different types of small dispersing machines, including frequency conversion dispersing machine, stirring dispersing machine, pilot dispersing machine, fast hand dispersing machine, etc., covering the dispersion needs of different fields and application scenarios. The following list of several common paint dispersing machine, mainly the experiment is common small dispersing machine.

The first, the quick hand disperser, is colloquially known as the Blue Devil disperser, and indeed, its shell is blue. Kuai hand dispersing machine is widely used in domestic paint dispersing, there are two types of bottle and can, the power is 550W, its processing capacity is not more than 5kg.

The second kind, frequency conversion dispersion machine, frequency conversion dispersion machine is actually named after its motor. The traditional dispersing machine uses carbon brush motor, but because of its easy to produce spark, and require frequent maintenance. So at present, many dispersing machines are using frequency conversion motor, so that low noise, no carbon brush mechanical wear and other problems, can achieve stepless speed regulation, in addition, compared with the three-phase motor is more economic. The power of variable frequency disperser is more extensive, from 550W to thousands of w.

Several common paint dispersing machines

The third, explosion-proof dispersing machine. In some inflammable and explosive environment or sample test, in order to ensure safety, dispersion machine explosion-proof is particularly important. Explosion-proof dispersion machine is divided into two kinds, one is motor explosion-proof, the other is full explosion-proof including motor explosion-proof, control box explosion-proof, wire explosion-proof, explosion-proof dispersion machine is also a three-phase asynchronous motor dispersion machine, on the basis of which increases the explosion-proof function, and frequency conversion dispersion machine is unable to do explosion-proof function.

The fourth, multifunctional dispersing machine, can be done at the same time grinding machine, dispersing machine, mixer, for some samples that are difficult to disperse, you can first through grinding to refine and then disperse. Its applicability is relatively wide, generally equipped with dispersion disc and grinding disc. Multifunctional dispersing machine is generally the use of frequency conversion motor, cost-effective.

Several common paint dispersing machines

The above are four different dispersing machines for user reference, if you need more detailed technical information, welcome to contact North tide Technology.

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