Simulated transport vibration table operating steps

The simulated transport vibration table is suitable for vibration test of toys, electronics, furniture, machinery, ceramics, communications, equipment, computers and automobile parts, etc., which is used to inspect the effect of transportation resistance or even durability.The operating procedures are as follows:

1. Place the required test products in the middle of the workbench.

2. Loose the black plum handle, fix the test product firmly, and then tighten all the screws of the plum handle.

3. Check whether the above equipment has collision with other objects (there must be a space of 0.5 meters to 1 meters around).

4. Set the governor knob to * low.

5. Connect the appropriate power supply: 220V/50HZ(at this time, the display power, the whole machine in standby state).

6. Adjust the relay time according to the product test time.

7. When everything is ready, press the start button and turn the governor knob to adjust the required speed (the general test speed is 100-300 RPM).

8. When the machine runs to the set time, the machine will stop automatically and be in standby state.

9. After the work, disconnect the power switch, remove the sample and write down the test data.

10. Tidy up the machine and fix the guardrail.

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