Stacking test of transport packages

The stacking test of transport packages is a common test method used to evaluate the bearing capacity and stability of packages during transport. The following is the general stacking test process:

Prepare packages: Select packages to be tested for stacking and ensure that they comply with shipping packaging requirements and standards. The packing parts can be cartons, wooden cases, plastic containers, etc.

Setting test conditions: According to the actual transportation situation and requirements, determine the conditions of stacking test, including stacking height, stacking time and other parameters. These conditions should simulate stacking in real transport.

Stacking and assembly: According to the stacking test conditions, the package is assembled in the test area in accordance with the prescribed stacking method. The stability of the package and the balance of the stacking layers are usually taken care of.

Stacking test of transport packages

Stacking process monitoring: After the packing is completed, the stacking shall be regularly monitored to observe the deformation, damage, collapse and other conditions of the packing. Monitoring can be done using visual observation, camera recording, or sensors.

Stacking stability assessment: The stability of stacking shall be assessed according to the monitoring results during the test. Judge whether there is deformation, tilt, crack of the package, as well as the overall stability of stacking.

Record and analysis of test results: record the data in the process of stacking test, including stacking time, stacking height, deformation of package, etc. According to the test results, the bearing capacity and stability of the package are evaluated.

Stacking test of transport packages

The purpose of the stacking test is to determine the stacking capacity of the package during transportation to ensure that the package can protect the integrity and safety of the product under stacking conditions. According to different industry and application field, there may be different stacking test standards and requirements. During the stacking test, appropriate test methods and conditions should be selected according to the actual situation, and relevant standards and guidelines should be followed.

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