Structure characteristics and principle of paint dispersing machine

Paint dispersing machine is a kind of equipment for mixing and dispersing liquid pigments and coatings. It has the following structural characteristics and working principle:

Structural characteristics
Main structure: Paint disperser is usually composed of motor, reducer, stirring shaft, blade and container. The main structure is strong and has stable operation performance.

Stirring shaft and blade: The stirring shaft is mounted in the center of the container, usually in a vertical or inclined position. The blades are fixed on the stirring shaft and can be adjusted and replaced as needed to achieve different mixing and dispersing effects.

Control system: Paint dispersers are usually equipped with control panels for adjusting speed, timing and monitoring process parameters.

Structure characteristics and principle of paint dispersing machine

Working principle
Mixing: Paints and pigments are added to the container before the operation begins. The motor spins through a reducer that drives a stirring shaft, and blades on the stirring shaft stir the paint and pigments from the bottom of the container up to blend them well.

Dispersion: The dispersion process begins when the mixing has reached a certain level. High-speed rotating stirring shafts and blades generate shear and centrifugal forces that disperse pigment and paint particles and evenly distribute them in the liquid. This helps to improve the quality and stability of the paint.

Cyclic dispersion: The dispersion process is usually cyclic, continuously stirring and dispersing until the desired pigment dispersion is achieved. The operator can adjust the speed and time of the stirring shaft through the control panel to control the degree and time of dispersion.

Paint dispersing machine through strong shear force and centrifugal force, the paint and pigment will be fully mixed and dispersed, so that it reaches a uniform, stable state. This helps to improve paint quality, color uniformity and performance. Specific paint dispersing machine number and parameters will vary according to different manufacturers and suppliers, you can consult professional equipment suppliers or manufacturers, according to your specific needs and process requirements, choose the appropriate paint dispersing machine. They can provide more detailed information, technical support and after-sales service.

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