Summary of technical standards and specifications for vacuum dispersers

Vacuum dispersing machine is a kind of equipment for liquid mixing and dispersing in vacuum environment. Although there are no specific technical standards and specifications that specifically apply to vacuum dispersers, the following are some common standards and specifications related to vacuum technology and agitating dispersion processes that may be relevant to the design, operation, and performance of vacuum dispersers:

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management system standard for equipment manufacturers, required to ensure product quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

ISO 13485:2016 – Medical Device Quality Management System standard, applicable to equipment manufacturers producing medical devices, required to comply with relevant regulations and quality requirements.

ASTM E1444 – Standard for Testing Magnetic Particles, applicable to testing methods for dispersion of magnetic particles in liquids.

ASTM D2578 – Standard Test Method for Particle Dispersion in Paints and Coated Materials.

Summary of technical standards and specifications for vacuum dispersers

GB/T 5950 – General technical conditions standard for stirring equipment, suitable for all kinds of stirring equipment, including vacuum dispersers.

GB/T 191-2008 – Simplified version of the International System of Units and unit name Standard, applicable to equipment parameters and unit specifications.

Please note that these are just some of the common standards and specifications that may be associated with vacuum dispersers, and the specific applicable standards and specifications may vary depending on the type of equipment, field of application, and country/region. You are advised to refer to the technical documents, operation manuals, and related instructions provided by the manufacturer to learn about the specific requirements and suggestions of the device. In addition, compliance with safe operating procedures and applicable industry standards is also an important aspect of ensuring equipment safety and stable performance.

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