The influence of smoothness on paper printing and its solution

In the printing industry, the smoothness of paper is a key index, which has a direct impact on the quality and effect of printing. Smoothness measures the convexity and concave characteristics of the paper or board surface, which is essential to ensure the uniform transfer of printing ink and the quality of the final print.

The influence factors of smoothness of paper

The smoothness of paper is affected by a number of factors, including fiber form, pulp beating degree, weaving method of net and blanket for paper making, wet pressure, and whether there is calendering, filling and coating. Poor smoothness of paper in the printing process may cause network printing, the emergence of the phenomenon such as weak, and reduces the visual quality of the print.

The influence of smoothness on paper printing and its solution

Measurement of smoothness

Smoothness is measured by means of a specific measure. A common measurement in paper preparation is to measure the time it takes for air to pass through the gap between the paper surface and the glass surface at a certain degree of vacuum. If this time is longer, the smoothness of the paper is better.

The effect of smoothness on printing

Smoothness directly affects the printing effect of paper. Most of the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of paper are determined at the time of paper making, so it is difficult for printers to change the smoothness of paper. For poor smoothness of paper, may occur when printed mark, reduce problems such as weak, level.

The influence of smoothness on paper printing and its solution

Methods to address the impact of smoothness

When using poor smoothness of paper, printing workers can take some measures to make up for its impact. For example, the printing pressure can be appropriately increased, the fluidity of the ink can be enhanced, and the ink with good wettability can be selected to reduce the problem of print void caused by uneven paper. Although it is not easy to change the smoothness of paper, taking corresponding measures in process operation and ink selection can reduce its impact to a certain extent.

In conclusion, the paper smoothness is an important factor in the quality of printing, it directly affect the printing effect in the printing process and the final quality. Understanding the factors affecting paper smoothness and adopting corresponding solutions can help the printing industry better cope with this challenge and improve the quality and value of printed materials.

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