The main structure of vacuum defoaming dispersing machine

Vacuum defoaming diffuser is a device used to remove bubbles and air in liquid, often used in paint, glue, cosmetics and other fields. The following is the typical structure of vacuum defoaming dispersion machine introduction:

Operating chamber: Vacuum debubbling dispersers usually contain an operating chamber where liquid samples are placed and operated. Operating rooms are usually made of stainless steel or corrosion-resistant materials with airtight properties to maintain a negative pressure environment.

Vacuum system: The vacuum debubbling disperser is equipped with a vacuum system for producing a negative pressure environment. A vacuum system usually includes a vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge, and associated piping connections. The vacuum pump extracts air from the operating room to create a negative pressure environment to promote the removal of bubbles.

Agitator: Vacuum defoaming dispersors are usually equipped with agitator for stirring liquid samples. The stirring device is usually driven by a motor with a stirring rod or blade to achieve liquid mixing and uniform mixing.

The main structure of vacuum defoaming dispersing machine

Heating/Cooling systems: Some vacuum debubbling dispersors are also equipped with heating or cooling systems to control the temperature of the liquid sample. By heating or cooling, the viscosity, fluidity and dispersion of the liquid can be adjusted.

Control system: vacuum debubbling disperser is usually equipped with a control system for setting and adjusting various parameters, such as vacuum degree, stirring speed, heating temperature, etc. The control system is usually controlled by touch screen or button, providing convenience and accuracy of operation.

The structure of vacuum defoaming dispersion machine can be different according to the specific brand and model, the above introduction is only the common structure in general. When selecting and operating a vacuum defoaming disperser, refer to the operation manual and related technical specifications of the device to ensure proper and safe use.

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