Ultrasonic cleaning machine How to clean line bar coater?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a device commonly used to clean laboratory utensils and equipment, including line coater. Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the vortex and tiny bubbles generated by high frequency ultrasonic vibration to separate and remove impurities such as dirt and grease coated on the surface of the equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine How to clean line bar coater?

Operation method
The following are the detailed steps to clean the rod coater using the ultrasonic cleaner:

Preparing a cleaning machine: Fill the cleaning machine with cleaning solution, power on the machine, and heat it to an appropriate temperature.

Remove the coater: Remove the wire rod coater, take down the rod and clamp, and clean all parts thoroughly.

Washing: Put the wire coater into the cleaning machine and press the start button of the cleaning machine. The ultrasonic waves in the cleaning solution will begin to work, and the resulting bubbles and eddies will thoroughly clean the surface of the coater from dirt and residue.

Rinse: Dump the cleaning solution and rinse the rod coater with clean water to remove the residue in the cleaning solution.

Drying: Put the wire coater in a ventilated place to dry, or dry with a dryer.

It is important to note that when using ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the line coater, the coater should be removed first to avoid affecting the service life of the line rod. In addition, the type and temperature of the cleaning solution should be selected according to the nature of the material and dirt, and care should be taken to operate safely to avoid damage to equipment and personnel.

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