What is it about the mixer not turning?

The mixer does not turn may be caused by the following reasons:

Power supply problem: First, check whether the power supply of the disperser is normal. Make sure the power socket is connected stably, the plug is not loose or damaged, and the power cord is not broken or damaged.

Switch problem: Check whether the switch of the disperser is on. Some dispersers may be equipped with multiple switches, such as the main power switch and the stirring start switch. Ensure that all necessary switches are turned on in order to start the mixing unit.

Motor failure: The stirring device of the disperser is driven by a motor. If there is a fault in the motor itself, such as damaged windings, circuit failure or motor overload, the stirring may not turn. At this time, it is necessary to contact professional maintenance personnel for maintenance or replacement of the motor.

What is it about the mixer not turning?

Transmission parts problems: The transmission parts of the disperser, such as belts, gears, couplings, etc., may lead to stirring without turning if they are loose, broken or worn. Check whether the transmission parts are normal, repair or replace the damaged parts.

Blocked stirring unit: Sometimes, the stirring unit may not function properly because of solid particles, residues, or blockage in the liquid sample. Clean the mixing unit to ensure it rotates unimpeded.

If the above inspection methods cannot solve the problem, it is recommended to contact the disperser supplier or relevant maintenance service personnel for more detailed troubleshooting and maintenance operations. Please note that before any repair or overhaul operation, always disconnect the power supply and follow the relevant safe operating procedures.

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