What performance does the adhesive test? What is the test method?

Adhesive is a common bonding material, which is widely used in various fields, including construction, automotive, aerospace, electronics, textile, etc., due to its strong viscosity, easy to use, low cost and other advantages. Adhesives are usually composed of substrates, thickeners, adhesives, additives and other components, and their main role is to glue different materials together to achieve the effect of fixation, strengthening or decoration. The types and properties of adhesives are different, and the selection of appropriate adhesives can be determined according to the needs of specific applications.

Performance of detection
Adhesives are a common bonding material, and the following important performance parameters need to be tested, which are very important for the production and use of adhesives. The following is the table of detection performance parameters:

Parameters of performanceMethod of test
Strength of bond

Shear test, tensile test, peel test, etc

Performance of constructionObserve the coating property, uniformity and easiness of the adhesive
Time of curingObserve the curing time of the adhesive
Water resistanceMeasure the durability of the adhesive in water
Resistance to weatherMeasure the durability of adhesives in different climatic conditions
Degree of viscosity

Measure the fluidity of the adhesive

Environmental performanceDetect the content and performance parameters of harmful substances, volatile organic compounds and other environmental pollutants in adhesives

What performance does the adhesive test? What is the test method?

Method of detection
The following is a detailed description of the testing method for the performance parameters of adhesives:

Bond strength: To measure the bond strength of adhesive samples, shear experiment, tensile experiment, peel experiment and other methods can be used to test, so as to evaluate the bond strength between adhesives and different materials.

Construction performance: observe the coating, uniformity, easy coating and other performances of adhesives in the construction process, and test the construction performance by evaluating the appearance and quality of the coating.

Curing time: Observe the curing time of adhesive coating, and judge whether the coating has been cured by touching and scratching.

Water resistance: To measure the durability of adhesives in water, they can be tested using methods such as immersion experiments to evaluate their water resistance.

Climate resistance: To measure the durability of adhesives under different climatic conditions, it can be tested by using damp and heat experiment, salt spray experiment, light experiment and other methods, so as to evaluate its weather resistance.

Viscosity: To measure the fluidity of adhesives, it can be tested using equipment such as a rotary viscometer to evaluate its viscosity and fluidity.

Environmental performance: To detect the content of harmful substances, volatile organic compounds and other environmental pollutants in adhesives, various chemical analysis methods can be used for testing, such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, etc.

What performance does the adhesive test? What is the test method?

There are also some issues to be aware of when testing:

Sample preparation: Sample preparation should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards or methods to ensure that the sample preparation process and conditions meet the requirements.

Experimental conditions: In the performance test, it is necessary to control the experimental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., to ensure that the experiment can be heavy

Repeatability and accuracy.

Test accuracy: For some performance parameters, such as bond strength, the test accuracy will be affected by many factors, such as sample preparation, experimental conditions, test equipment, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to the control of these factors to improve the test accuracy.

What performance does the adhesive test? What is the test method?

Data analysis: After the completion of each test, it is necessary to conduct statistics and analysis of the test data to determine the performance characteristics of the adhesive and evaluate its quality level.

To sum up, different test methods and standards need to be adopted for the performance testing of adhesives, and for some complex tests, professional laboratories or technicians are needed. Attention should be paid to the above problems during the test to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. At the same time, when using adhesives, we should also pay attention to the operation according to the instructions to ensure better bonding effect and safety performance.

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