What shear dispersing machine is suitable for dishwashing detergent?

For similar liquid products such as dish soap, high-speed shear dispersing machines can usually be used to disperse and stir. High speed shear dispersing machine with high speed and strong shear force, can effectively mix liquid and solid components, and achieve uniform dispersion.

When choosing a distributor, consider the following factors:

Power and speed: Make sure to choose a dispersing machine with enough power to cope with the dispersion demand of viscous liquids such as dish soap. At the same time, the rotational speed should be high enough to generate enough shear force for effective dispersion.

Materials: Preferably corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, to ensure that contact with chemicals such as dish soap will not lead to corrosion or contamination.

Control system: Some advanced dispersing machines are equipped with advanced control system, can achieve accurate temperature control, speed adjustment and other functions, can be selected according to specific needs.

What shear dispersing machine is suitable for dishwashing detergent?

Safety performance: Ensure that the distributed machine has the necessary safety facilities, such as emergency stop button, overload protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator.

It is recommended to consult professional dispersing machine suppliers or manufacturers, according to your specific needs and product characteristics, choose the appropriate high-speed shear dispersing model number. They can provide more specific advice and provide technical support and after-sales service according to your requirements.

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