Wire coater is used to prepare UV coating films

UV coating is a kind of coating based on ultraviolet photocuring technology, by adding ultraviolet sensitizers and photoinitiators to the coating, so that it can cure quickly under ultraviolet irradiation. UV coating has the advantages of fast curing, high efficiency, high hardness, high transparency, high gloss, environmental protection, etc., widely used in electronics, automotive, printing, plastics and other fields.

On line rod coater, for UV coating, the recommended use of stainless steel wire rod, because stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance and thermal stability, can withstand UV exposure to high temperatures and high energy.

Wire coater is used to prepare UV coating films

The steps to prepare UV coating films using a wire rod coater are as follows:

Prepare UV paint solution: Mix UV paint with solvent and stir well.

Prepare the substrate: Select the appropriate substrate material, and perform surface cleaning and pretreatment.

Coating: Use a wire coater to evenly coat the UV coating solution on the substrate surface.

Ultraviolet irradiation: put the coated sample under the ultraviolet irradiation for a certain time, so that the UV coating quickly solidifies.

Finally, the electrode preparation and testing and other subsequent steps are carried out.

It should be noted that in the coating process, the coating speed, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the line bar should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the coating and the parameters of the coater, in order to obtain high quality UV coating film. When UV irradiation, the irradiation time should be adjusted according to the thickness of the coating and the power of the UV irradiator to ensure that the coating is fully cured.

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