Application of laboratory coating machine to lubricating materials on aramid fiber cloth

We experimental coating machine eighteen martial arts, thousands of adaptability, this and to the new application, this period is in the aramid fiber coating lubricant, using fixture fixed substrate + line bar coper combination.

Arylon fiber is a kind of high performance synthetic fiber, with excellent heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength and high modulus characteristics, widely used in high temperature environment, protective clothing, body armor, cable and other fields. In specific application scenarios, aramid fiber cloth may be coated with lubricating materials to increase its properties and functionality.

Application of laboratory coating machine to lubricating materials on aramid fiber cloth

For example, the following application purposes:

Reduce friction: Applying appropriate lubricating materials can reduce friction between aramid fibers, reduce material wear and heat generation, thus extending service life.

Improve wear resistance: The lubrizing material can form a film under high friction and high load conditions, improving the wear resistance and heat resistance of aramid fiber.

Increased chemical resistance: Certain lubricating materials have chemical resistance properties that can protect aramid fibers from chemicals.

Improved surface properties: Lubricating materials can improve the surface properties of arfiber, such as making it easier to wet, reducing static electricity, etc.

In this application, the arylon fiber is thick, so the fixture fixed material or tape can be fixed. In addition, the viscosity of the lubricating material is not high, and the wire rod coper is used for scraping and coating to ensure higher coating accuracy.

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