Performance testing of light curing resins

A photocurable resin is a polymer material whose curing process is catalyzed by a photoinitiator under ultraviolet or visible light. Light curing resin is usually a single component material, that is, it only needs to be coated on the substrate, through ultraviolet or visible light irradiation, can achieve rapid curing of the coating in a few seconds or minutes. Light curing resin has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance, and has the advantages of low cost and easy to use, which is widely used in the coating and manufacturing process of 3D printing, electronics, optics, printing and other fields.

Test of performance

PerformanceItem of inspection
Degree of cureThe degree of coating curing
Degree of viscosityViscosity of paint
Hardness of hardnessHardness of coating
Resistance to abrasionAbrasion resistance property
Resistance to chemicalsAcid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, etc
TransparencyTransparency of coating
Density of densityDensity of paint
Resistance to heatHigh temperature resistance
Resistance to weatherUv resistance, corrosion resistance, etc
OtherSuch as antistatic, antibacterial and so on

The results of these test projects can help to evaluate the quality and suitability of the photocurable resin and how well it will perform in practical applications. The test method and equipment are different according to the specific type of light curing resin and the test item.

Performance testing of light curing resins

Method of detection
Curing degree: Use microscope, infrared spectrometer and other equipment to test the curing degree of the coating.

Viscosity: Use viscometer and other instruments to measure the viscosity of the paint.

Hardness: Use Rockwell hardness tester, Babbitt hardness tester and other equipment to test the hardness of the coating.

Wear resistance: the wear resistance of the coating is tested by grinding wheel wear test and pencil hardness test.

Chemical resistance: Use acidity meter, alkalinity meter, solvent immersion and other methods to test the acid and alkali resistance of the coating, solvent resistance, etc.

Performance testing of light curing resins

Transparency: Test the transparency of the coating using equipment such as light transmitter and optical wavelength meter.

Density: Measure the density of the paint using an instrument such as a densitometer.

Heat resistance: through oven high temperature test, constant temperature and humidity test and other methods to test the high temperature resistance of the coating.

Performance testing of light curing resins

Weather resistance: through artificial accelerated aging test or natural climate exposure test coating UV resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Others: according to the specific type of light curing resin and test items, select the appropriate test method and equipment for testing, such as testing antistatic, antibacterial, etc.

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