carton compression testing machine common Fault Analysis

 The mechanical system failure of the carton compression testing machine

1. The wear and elongation of the lower transmission chain affects the normal operation of the main engine.

Because the chain shaft or chain chip hole wear after long-term use increases the chain perimeter, the chain tensioning wheel position should be adjusted.

2. The parallelism between the upper and lower pressing plates is out of tolerance, which affects the test accuracy.

A. The elongation of the chain causes relative angular displacement of the two transmission screws, so the position of the chain tensioning wheel should be adjusted.

B. As the stress-strain relationship of the four tension springs on the upper part of the pressing plate changes, the compression length of the springs should be adjusted.

 The carton compression testing machine test and control system failure

1, no display, button failure

It may be that the fuse is burned out, the power switch is damaged, the power line is not in good contact or is loose, so the fuse should be replaced, the power switch should be replaced, and the power line should be checked and repaired.

2, after the power or use of disorderly display, the button does not work

If the system “crashes”, press the “Reset” button or turn off the power supply to restart the machine.

3. Press the “Print” button and the printer does not operate

A. If the wire of the print head falls off or the contact is poor, the print line should be checked.

B. If the print head is damaged, it should be replaced.

4. The display has no display or disorderly display, but other functions of the testing machine are normal

A. If the connection of the monitor falls off or the contact is poor, the line should be checked.

B. The monitor is damaged and should be replaced.

5, the display is normal, part of the keys do not work

The key is damaged, it should be replaced.

6, display normal, motor working state out of control

Motor control circuit fault, should check the circuit, find out the fault and take the corresponding measures (by professionals)

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