How to adjust the frequency of ultrasonic disperser?

The frequency of the ultrasonic disperser is usually regulated by a control panel or regulator on the equipment. The specific adjustment method may be different for different ultrasonic dispersing models, the following is the general adjustment method:

Make sure the ultrasonic disperser is properly connected and in working condition.

Open the control panel or regulator on the device.

Look for a control button or knob for frequency adjustment. Usually, they will be labeled “Frequency” or “Freq”.

Adjust the frequency control button or knob to gradually increase or decrease the frequency. The specific adjustment mode may be rotation, pressing or toggling, depending on the design of the equipment.

How to adjust the frequency of ultrasonic disperser?

Observe the working state of the ultrasonic disperser, including sound, vibration and effect. Fine-tuning is made as needed until the desired dispersion effect is achieved.

After adjusting the frequency, adjust other parameters, such as power and time, according to actual needs.

Please note that the specific frequency regulation method may vary from one ultrasonic disperser to another, so it is recommended to refer to the relevant operating manual or consult the equipment manufacturer for accurate regulation guidance and advice.

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