How to effectively monitor and extend the service life of the coated rod

Coating process on the base material such as paper, film, foil, applied coating, has played a vital role. Coating operations, however, one of the biggest challenges is how to monitor and measure the service life of the coated bars. This article will combine professional knowledge to introduce effective methods to monitor the life of coated rods and explore how to extend their service life.

1. Monitoring the service life of the coated bars

Knowing how to tell when to replace the coated rod is crucial to avoid quality problems. Usually, when coated bars unable to exert enough coating or coating smoothly, no longer need to stop using it. However, the judgment owing to the different application, can be monitored in a number of ways, such as:

Direct coating weight measurement;

Production tracking;



Visual coating quality inspection;

Functional performance test (e.g., Cobb, MVTR cup testing, etc.).

How to effectively monitor and extend the service life of the coated rod

2. The distinction between physical wear and pollution

The end of life of coated rods is usually attributed to two main factors: physical wear and contamination. In order to determine when the coating rod needs to be replaced, it is necessary to accurately distinguish between these two factors. Physical wear refers to the wear of the linear profile of the coated rod due to friction, wear, heat and other factors in normal operation. Contamination, on the other hand, refers to the open area where the coated line profile is contaminated by dry coating and other residues, thus reducing the line profile. In order to determine whether pure wear or pollution, can wear analysis, in order to better determine the operation of the problem.

3. How to measure and maximize the extended service life

The life of the coated bars is the key to ensure the quality of the coating step. This can be achieved by:

-Individual rod production tracking: For each coated rod, a production history is kept to accurately track its life. For example, by tracking the service life of each rod, a replacement decision can be made when it has used half its life.

How to effectively monitor and extend the service life of the coated rod

– online coating weight measuring system is: use online coating weight measuring system, can real-time monitor quality and coating defects in a timely manner, so as to improve the quality of coating.

4. Prolong the service life of coating rod

In order to maximize the service life of the coated rod, there are the following suggestions:

Storage and handling: Coated sticks are precision instruments and must be stored and handled with care. When not in use, the case should keep on coated bars, in order to prevent the damage. In addition, the coated stick also should pay attention to avoid bending during storage.

Cleaning: the coated rod should be cleaned in time after the end of the production cycle to avoid the accumulation of residues. According to the nature of the paint, use the appropriate method for cleaning.

Handling: when mobile coated rods, to avoid the impact may damage the surface of the object, in order to prevent the coating defects.

Rotation: The coating rod should be rotated continuously to ensure that wear occurs evenly over the entire line profile.

How to effectively monitor and extend the service life of the coated rod


The coating stick is a key component to ensure the quality of the coating. Through effective monitoring and correct maintenance methods, the service life of the coating rod can be extended, the coating quality can be improved, and the quality and stability of the final product can be guaranteed.

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