ISO 6713-1984 “Preparation of lacquer acid extracts in liquid form or powder form” for paints and varnishes

A Preface
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global alliance of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The development of international standards is usually carried out through ISO technical committees. Each member institution interested in a subject on which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented in the committee. Government and non-governmental international organizations that liaize with standardization organizations are also involved in this work.

Draft international standards adopted by technical committees are circulated to member bodies for approval before they are accepted as international standards by the ISO Council. They are approved according to ISO procedures that require at least 75% approval by voting member institutions.

The international standard ISO 6713 was developed by the Technical committee ISO/TC 35 (Paints and varnishes).

ISO 6713 was first published in 1980. The second edition cancelled and replaced the first edition, which constituted a technical revision.

ISO 6713-1984 “Preparation of lacquer acid extracts in liquid form or powder form” for paints and varnishes

Scope and field of application
This standard describes the preparation of acid extracts as test solutions for the determination of the “soluble” metal content of paints and related products in liquid or powder form.

Acid extracts were prepared in 0,07 mol/l hydrochloric acid, which was chosen as an approximation of the acid in the stomach.

This standard does not apply to dried or crushed paint films (see ISO 6714).

Warning – The procedures described in this standard are complex and should therefore be performed by personnel with appropriate experience in these analytical procedures. Sufficient accuracy can only be obtained if all details of the separation and extraction procedures are strictly followed.

2 Reference Materials
ISO 1042, Laboratory glassware — Single-labeled volumetric flasks.

ISO 1512, Paints and varnishes — Sampling.

ISO 1513, Paints and varnishes — Examination and preparation of test samples.

ISO 3696, laboratory water use — Specification. 1)

ISO 3856, Paints and varnishments – Determination of “soluble” metal content.

ISO 6714, Paints and varnishes-Preparation of acid extracts from dry films.

ISO 6713-1984 “Preparation of lacquer acid extracts in liquid form or powder form” for paints and varnishes

3 Definitions
For the purposes of this Standard, the following definitions apply.

3.1 Pigments

All particulate matter was insoluble in the selected extraction solvent (6.2).

3.2 “Soluble” metal content of liquid coatings

The metal content of the pigment soluble in a specified dilute acid plus the total metal content present in the liquid part of the paint.

Note 1: The dilute acid defined in this standard is 0.07mol/l hydrochloric acid.

3.3 “Soluble” metal content of paint in powder form

Metal content of paints soluble in specified dilute acids (see Note 3.2).

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