New product introduction: Defelsko PosiTest CH Cross grid adhesion

Whether you work in construction, manufacturing or quality control, you know that coating adhesion is critical to the durability and beauty of your project. To ensure that your coating is strong and durable, you need reliable tools to test the adhesion. Defelsko PosiTest CH Cross Grid Adhesion meter is the solution you are looking for.

Complete suit
Each Defelsko PosiTest CH kit includes a cross marking tool, blade, magnifying glass (3x ISO or 10x ASTM), adhesive tape (ISO or ASTM), brush, scissors, 3/32 inch Allen wrench, ISO/ASTM classification reference chart, detailed instruction manual, and other tools. Hardshell case and two-year warranty. This means you can start testing right away without having to make additional purchases or find parts.

New product introduction: Defelsko PosiTest CH Cross grid adhesion

Diverse choice
PosiTest CH adhesion instruments are available in 5 different sets, 3 of which are ISO 2409 compliant and 2 ASTM D3359 compliant. This means you can choose the suite that suits your specific testing needs without wasting time and money buying extra tools.

Blade selection
For soft substrates such as wood and gypsum, the PosiTest CH Cross Cell Adhesion meter offers 2 mm /6 tooth blades for coating thicknesses ranging from 0 to 120 microns (0 to 4.7 mm). This special blade ensures accuracy and consistency when testing on different substrates.

New product introduction: Defelsko PosiTest CH Cross grid adhesion

Proper design
The design of the PosiTest CH adhesion meter is outstanding. The ergonomic tool handle comes with a non-slip grip, ensuring you can use it comfortably all day long. The cutting head can be rotated to ensure correct positioning and uniform cutting surface pressure, providing reliable test results.

High quality blades
The blade of the PosiTest CH adhesion meter is made of hardened steel and has 4 cutting edges to last longer tests. This ensures durability and consistency of the blade.

The PosiTest CH adhesion meter is compatible with all DeFelsko cutting blades, which means you can choose different blades to meet different standards, coating thickens and substrate requirements.

Illuminating magnifier
Depending on the standard, PosiTest CH also offers a 3x or 10x lighting magnifying glass to ensure that you can scrutinize the test area and get accurate results.

New product introduction: Defelsko PosiTest CH Cross grid adhesion

Guarantee and support
Each PosiTest CH Cross Grid adhesion meter comes with a two-year warranty to provide you with additional peace of mind. In addition, detailed instruction manuals and classification reference charts will provide you with the necessary information to use and interpret test results.

Whether you are a professional quality control engineer or an amateur working on a personal project, Defelsko PosiTest CH Cross Grid Adhesion Instrument is your trusted partner. Its variety, reliability and ease of use make it a good choice for testing coating adhesion. No more guessing about whether the coating is strong, let PosiTest CH help you ensure that every project meets a higher standard.

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