Paper and board – Determination of titanium dioxide content – ISO 5647-2019

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The second edition cancelled and replaced the first edition (ISO 5647:1990), which constituted a minor revision. The changes from the previous edition are as follows:

— Clause 4: Added the option to use inductively coupled plasma/Atomic emission spectrometry (ICP/AES).

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Paper and board – Determination of titanium dioxide content – ISO 5647-2019

1 Scope of application
This document specifies a method for determining titanium dioxide content in various types of paper and board, especially coated or filled products. It consists of two procedures for the final determination of titanium, one by spectrophotometry and the other by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The determination limit depends on the sample size (8.1).

Note: This method is designed for the determination of titanium dioxide. Titanium in other forms, such as as a component of clay, does not interfere with the determination.

2 Normative reference files
When the following documents are referenced in the context, part or all of them constitute the requirements of this document. For dated references, citation-only versions apply. For undated citations, a new version of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.

ISO 186, Paper and board – Sampling to determine average quality

ISO 287 Paper and board – Determination of batch moisture content – Drying method

– ISO 2144, paper, board, pulp and cellulose nanomaterials – Determination of burning residues (ash content) at 900 °C

3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.

3.1Titanium dioxide content

The titanium dioxide content of paper or board (expressed on a drying basis) shall be determined after ashing the sample and dissolving the ash in the method specified in this document

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