Perovskite coating technology: preparation of solar cell film

Perovskite coating is used to prepare perovskite solar cells. Perovskite solar cell is a new type of solar cell technology, which has the characteristics of effectively converting solar energy into electricity. With the rise of renewable energy, the continuous progress of solar cell technology has become an area of concern. Within this field, perovskite solar cells have attracted widespread interest because of their potential to efficiently convert solar energy into electricity. However, one of the keys to the preparation of high-quality perovskite solar cells is the process of coating perovskite films.

Basic principle
A key part of perovskite solar cells is the perovskite light absorption layer, which is usually a thin film that converts sunlight into electricity. Perovskite materials are usually organic-inorganic mixtures with good photoelectric properties. Coating is the process of uniformly coating perovskite material on a conductive substrate such as FTO conductive glass or conductive polymer film.

Perovskite coating technology: preparation of solar cell film

Coating method
Coating can be performed using different methods, including spin coating, spray coating, roll coating and scrape coating. Among them, spin coating and scratch coating are common methods. In the spin coating process, a liquid perovskite precursor solution is dropped onto a rotating substrate, distributing the liquid evenly and forming a film by the force of rotation. In the scraping coating, the R&D personnel use the automatic flat film coating machine with the wire rod scraper for accurate film production.

It is a common method to prepare perovskite solar cells by coating perovskite films with a wire-blade coating machine. Here are the general steps:

Substrate preparation

First, prepare a suitable substrate, usually FTO (conductive glass) or other transparent conductive material. Ensure that the substrate surface is clean, flat and dust-free.

Preparation of perovskite precursor solution

Preparation of perovskite precursor solution, including perovskite precursor substance, organic solvent, additive and stabilizer. Ensure that the concentration and composition of the precursor solution are correct.

Perovskite coating technology: preparation of solar cell film

Adjusting scraper

Select the appropriate width of the wire rod scraper, the width of which determines the thickness of the perovskite film after coating. Generally, a wider scraper can be used for a thicker coating and a narrower scraper for a thinner coating.

Treatment before coating

Before coating, it is sometimes necessary to apply some treatment steps on the substrate, such as pre-coating a titanium ion solution or surface treatment, to enhance the adhesion of the perovskite to the substrate.


Pour the perovskite precursor solution onto the substrate and apply evenly with a wire bar scraper. The Angle of the scraper and the speed of scraping will affect the uniformity and thickness of the coating. Generally, the smaller the Angle of the scraper, the thinner the coating. Ensure uniform coating to avoid bubbles and defects.

Perovskite coating technology: preparation of solar cell film


After the coating is complete, the substrate is dried at the appropriate temperature to remove the organic components and form a stable perovskite film. Drying conditions usually require precise control to ensure the quality of the film.

Add electrode

After completing the perovskite film, electrodes, usually carbon or metal, are added for the collection of electrical current.

Perovskite coating technology: preparation of solar cell film

Testing and performance evaluation

Finally, a series of tests and performance evaluations are performed to determine the performance of perovskite solar cells, including photocurrent-voltage characteristic curve measurements and long-term stability testing.

Applying perovskite is a complex process that requires precise control and skill. Therefore, training and practice in a laboratory or professional training environment is recommended before actual coating. By precisely controlling the coating process and the preparation of the precursor solution, perovskite solar cells with superior performance can be prepared, which is expected to provide a more competitive solution for the renewable energy sector.

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